Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Learning Styles

As part of my Instructional Design course I took a look at learning inventories again this time with some surprising results.
I used to always test very high on the auditory part of the VARK, however for the past year I consistently score much higher on the kinesthetic side.
I also used a measure to test my Action/Reflection, Sensing/Intuition, Visual/Verbal, and Sequential/Global preferences (do your own tests here). I was not surprised to see that I highly favor action over reflection or intuition over sensing, but I was surprised to see visual over verbal (narrowly though) and global over sequential.
I think all of these results are not really an accurate measure of how someone learns though. I find it very tempting to answer the questions in a way in which I would like to be thought of. I think this is why in the past I have scored higher on auditory, I always took great pride in my ability to listen well. Now I seem to take pride in my new found love of experimentation which would explain the kinesthetic result.
Are these tests really measuring how we lean something or how we would like to learn something? Or could it be that we change how we learn depending on how we think we should?