Thursday, February 26, 2009



Creating a concept map of my PLE was extremely difficult for me. Every time I thought I had it the connections would go crazy. Everything was so interrelated that is was hard to make it clear using the concept map. It is also difficult to explain to others how your thinking process works. I suppose though that is what is useful about this exercise. It started me thinking about how to better explain my thinking :)!

I ended up simplifing what I inteded to do but I think it reflects my learning in a clearer way. Instead of showing how all the different tools I use connect with each other I show how they connect to different aspects of my learning. I broke my learning into different categories: Discovery, making sense, collabortation, and reworking. I then mapped out how these categores interact to help me learn.

Learning - What Are the Steps Involved in Learning

After I broke down my learning into categories it was easier to see how the different tools I use fit into these categories. Originally I envisioned my PLE as being much more grand. I had many versions that I toyed with but as I meantioned above I could never get the connections to work the way I wanted. It all got too messy. I worked with a lot of tools that were new to me over this course as well I began thinking about things I had not thought of for a while. I am still trying to process it all and there are a bunch of tools that I know I will be using more very soon and so they will become part of my PLE.

Obviously because it is a Personal Learning Environment my PLE will change as I change and the tools I use change. I plan to revisit my PLE periodically to see how things have changed.